Marathon for Dan

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My friend Mary and I have found ourselves entered in the Greater Manchester Marathon in April 2018. However, this one is a bit different - it is going to be particularly special and close to our hearts.

We both had a great friend called Daniel Pryke, or Prykey as he was more commonly known! We are so privileged and honoured to have been a part of Dan’s life and to have shared so many memories with such an incredible person. It is with huge sadness that Dan was going through some big struggles in his life, keeping a lot of his problems to himself without reaching out for help. Heartbreakingly, in December 2017 these problems became too much for Dan. Dan had a heart of gold, and would do absolutely anything to help anybody. He was and always will be loved by his friends and family, and admired for his determination and desire to succeed at anything he turned his hand to. The last time I saw Dan, he told me how he would love to run a marathon one day. Knowing him, he would have run one with his eyes closed! We want to make Dan proud by helping other young people who may be suffering in a similar way. We would be eternally grateful for your donations to this fantastic cause. It would mean the world to us to give something back, and we know how proud Dan would be. We love you Dan - we’ll be thinking of you every step of the way. Rest in peace xxx

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